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How do I find my alumni ID number?

If you know your old student ID number, try using that as your alumni ID. These numbers are the same for many (but not all) alums. If your student ID was less than 7 digits, add one or two zeros in front to make it 7 characters (e.g. Student ID 32154 = Alumni ID 0032154).

Birthday help

Your birthday MUST include the slashes and follow this format mm/dd/yyyy

If you don't know that, request your alumni ID number from the alumni office by sending an e-mail to with subject line "help me register." To help us verify your identity, please provide as much of this information as possible:

  • Full name (including maiden name)
  • Calvin graduation year / year left Calvin
  • Birth date
  • Major (if applicable)
  • Student ID number or last four digits of your social security number

What if I know my alumni ID number but the form is not working?

If there's any possibility that you've already set up an account, try the "Login" link with whatever username/password combination you may have set. The registration form will not work once you have an account set up.

Otherwise, contact the alumni office at and note that your ID is not working for uKnight registration. In your message, provide your alumni ID, full name and birthdate. If we find that you already have a uKnight account, we can provide your username and reset your password for you.

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